Wellbeing Case Study - Hallé Workplace Choirs

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Health and Wellbeing
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In these trying times, people’s mental health is being stretched and tested to its limit. The reality of working from home has affected a huge number of people, many of whom are now more isolated because of the pandemic.

The necessity for the music and song to bring happiness, relief and positivity, as well as a sense of community, has never been so important. The Hallé have been running their award-winning Workplace Choir programme for 9 years, and during the 2020 lockdown the choirs moved online and performed a beautiful rendition of ‘Hope’, a song commissioned by the Hallé and composed by Ollie Lambert.

Kerry Lyons, member of the NHS Bolton Our Voice Choir says:
‘Singing just lifts you up; it is something for you, an hour just for you, and you can come together and have fun, and not take it too seriously. Sometimes we come into our sessions on a low ebb feeling emotional or stressed, but you never feel like that afterwards. It has become a highlight in our week: we look forward to it and feel better after it.’

The Hallé are continuing with all our choral groups, and have been since the start of the pandemic – Hallé Ancoats Community Choir meets virtually at 7.30pm a Sunday evening via Facebook Live for example.
Please contact Anna Stutfield ([email protected]) for more details of all our choral groups and how to join. For more details on the Hallé Workplace Choir scheme, and to book a free taster, contact [email protected].