Managing COVID Compliant In-Person Rehearsals

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When restrictions allow, we will all looking forward to returning to in-person rehearsals. In reality, how could these work? Naomi Benn, Head of Ensembles at the Hallé, offers some practical guidelines.

At the time of writing, we are all stuck at home in a national lockdown which we know will continue for at least the next few weeks, but we all hope that the time will soon come when in-person choir rehearsals are permitted to resume. This case study is to share our thought process and approach, in case it is helpful for others to think through how to start your rehearsals again when restrictions allow. Do not take this as current Government rules or guidance, as these may change.

Back in the autumn term 2020, we worked through all the Government rules and guidance, and successfully ran small group sessions during October and December (either side of the November lockdown). The weight of responsibility was heavy, but with the rules together with practical advice provided by organisations such as ABCD, we felt part of a choral community that was aspiring to make things happen safely. The mental health benefits of providing choral activity were abundantly clear to everyone involved, and it was amazing to hear choral music again after so long.

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