Learning from Others


Learning from others is simply the best way to learn more about ourselves. And we’re never too old or too experienced to be inspired.

Sharing InformationObserving others in action

It’s always fascinating to observe other choral leaders in action – that’s because we’re all different, from our musical background and training to the type and level of choir we work with, not to mention our individual personalities which naturally shape our whole approach to choral leadership.

The Choral Leadership Network is here to facilitate just that – the chance to express an interest in seeing someone at work with a choir, and the chance to offer up your own rehearsals for others to come and observe. Think how much you could learn from sharing your own approach with respectful colleagues who work differently in an open peer-to-peer mentoring approach.

Share - If you would be open to being observed and sharing the wonderful work that you do, please tell us.

Learn - If there is a kind of choral leader you would love to see in action, let us know so we can help.

We will facilitate one-off partnership pairings based on a common understanding, and leave it to you to take it from there. It will start with a one-off visit, but has the potential – if both sides agree – to develop into a professional learning and support relationship lasting several months. It could, in time, lead to wider opportunities and contacts for you both. Your choral leadership skills, and theirs, will be all the richer for this exchange.

We have created a document (download below) to give you an example of the what both the host and participant may expect of each other. This is an example however, and we reccommend both parties communicate clearly about their own expectations.

Please contact our Choral Leadership Coordinator, Anna Stutfield, for more information.


opera north

Opera North has a versatile professional chorus, led by Chorus Master Oliver Rundell. Interested choral leaders are offered the chance to observe certain preparatory rehearsal sessions.
Opera North also runs the following choirs for children and young people, and invites interested choral leaders to observe some rehearsals:
Children’s Chorus (ages 8-11)
Young Voices (ages 11-14)
Youth Chorus (ages 14-19)
These are a free opportunities run by Opera North and the Choral Leadership Network, and must be arranged in advance. Please contact Anna for further information.

The programme is designed to equip exceptionally talented young musicians aged 18-25, who are passionate about pursuing a career in choral conducting, with the specialist skills and technique they need for effective, successful leadership of singers with whom they work. Those chosen to receive one of the scholarships on offer will benefit from a year’s fully-funded training and mentoring of the highest standard, providing a solid foundation as a kick-start to their careers.

More details here.


The Hallé has a range of choirs, and we welcome interested choral leaders to observe our regular rehearsals and briefly talk with our conductors. 

Hallé Choir (auditioned symphony chorus) - Matthew Hamilton, Director 

Hallé Youth Choir (SATB youth choir) - Stuart Overington, Director.
Additional opportunities available through the RNCM - Hallé - CLN Music Educators course. 

Hallé Youth Training Choir (SA Men youth choir with some changing boys’ voices) - Stuart Overington, Director 

Hallé Children’s Choir - Shirley Court and Michelle Robinson, Directors: observations limited to participants on the Leading School Choirs course.

Hallé Choral Academy (SATB adult choir with a focus on music reading) - Joseph Judge and Michelle Robinson, Directors

Hallé Ancoats Community Choir (all-welcome community choir) - Stuart Overington and Matthew Roughley, Directors

These are a free opportunities run by the Hallé and the Choral Leadership Network, and must be arranged in advance. Please contact Anna for further information.

Greater Manchester Music Hub 

In partnership with Sing for Pleasure and the RNCM, the GM Music Hub are pleased to announce a further year of an exciting programme for Young Singing Leaders to develop the leadership and conducting skills to direct a singing group or ensemble.

Each Music Service, together with the RNCM, has been invited to put forward two or three students who might be interested in taking part in this established programme, which will begin in the Spring term 2020. There will be three practical workshop days together with the opportunity to put skills into practise on a local basis by helping with a Music Service or school choir. 

For more information please see here, or contact your local Music Service.


This is a unique opportunity for anyone involved with choral administration to attend a rehearsal, observe the set up and talk to the individual administrator during the session about their role, challenges and how the choir operates. This is only by prior arrangement, please contact Anna in the first instance.


An exceptional opportunity for pianists looking to learn more about the world of accompaniment within choral rehearsals. Shadowing one of our choral accompanists, you'll see exactly what is expected of you by the conductor and the singers. This opportunity is reserved for those pianists already accompanying choirs or looking to do so in the near future, and is only available if arranged in advance. Please contact Anna if you're interested.


The Association of British Choral Directors (ABCD) has an up to the minute list of choral leadership vacancies that cover the United Kingdom. Click here to view.